English Amplified Bible

English Amplified Bible 2N

Simple-to-use mobile Bible reader


  • Choice of background/text colors
  • Comfortable viewing controls
  • Adjust font size


  • No search


English Amplified Bible offers an easy and comfortable way to read the Amplified Bible on your mobile phone.

The free software includes both Old and New Testaments, packaging them in a viewer that can be navigated easily with your phone's directional buttons or number keys. Pressing left and right will scroll through the various chapters of the English Amplified Bible. Use the up and down keys to read down through the text.

The English Amplified Bible application includes the ability to switch between white text on a black background and black text on a white background, just be pressing the center key. There's also an option for tweaking the font size, to make viewing more comfortable. Another neat feature of the English Amplified Bible software is the ability to save and load specific chapters.

English Amplified Bible is a pretty basic app, and it lacks a lot of features, such as the ability to search text, or to share texts with your friends, as you can do in Go Bible.

Nevertheless, English Amplified Bible provides a comfortable way to study the Bible while you're traveling around.

English Amplified Bible


English Amplified Bible 2N

User reviews about English Amplified Bible

  • by Anonymous

    Engish Amplified bible is clear explanation so i like english amplifie bibl.
    Ilike to use english amplified bibl...   More

  • by Anonymous

    i love it.
    very easy to understand and comprehensive.for a bible student.   More